EMF University

Want to be a climber? Start with EMF University. We take pride in knowing that our climbers make the difference. They are committed to the task at hand and continuously practice the three EMF core values of Safety, Quality and Productivity. One way we ensure that our climbers are top notch is our in house training program. EMF University was born to augment the quality of our crews and our work, to standardize the learning environment so each climber gets the most out of their training and to provide professional industry specific continuing education to enhance their careers.

The EMF University "Tower 101" course is an 8 week comprehensive training course, developed primarily for transitioning veterans, to provide the basic body of knowledge each climber in our industry should possess. Our certified and professional instructors have the experience and tools necessary to provide each candidate with top-notch quality training. Day 1 of the course in an introduction to towers followed by four weeks of classroom instruction and practical exercises on the training tower at our facility in Nashville, TN. The second half of the course is an internship in the field working with our experienced crews learning the specific tasks and methods we use on the jobs we do day in and day out. Once you graduate EMF University, you're hired!

Examples of course content covered in Tower 101
-Tower Types
-Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
-Lines and Antennas
-Tower Rigging

Certifications offered in Tower 101
-First Aid/CPR
-Competent Climbing
-Tower Rescue
-OSHA 10

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